Service Delivery Analyst CFS

Position Title: Service Delivery Analyst CFS
Work Location: CESC, Chester VA

Complete Description:
Assist multiple service delivery managers in providing Cross Functional Services oversight of the IT infrastructure managed services contract.
o Manage Service Level Agreement Oversight Process
o Manage RU Oversight Process
o Assist in the oversight of cross functional services using the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework
o Review service level agreement results
o Review vendor invoices
o Oversee escalated IT infrastructure support issues when standard support processes fail to achieve the desired results
o Oversee Incident RCA Process
o Oversee Change Management Process
o Oversee Problem Management Process

What knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences, certifications are needed for this position?
o Understands best practices in service management including contract and vendor management in an IT outsourcing or shared service environment
o Knowledge and experience with utilizing the ITIL framework
o Knowledge and experience with IT Infrastructure Oversight
o Skilled in oral and written communication as it pertains to interpreting technical information and business needs.
o Demonstrated ability to work with management, customers, and vendors to resolve problems.
o B.S. degree in Computer Information Systems or demonstrated equivalent (education and/or equivalent work experience)
o Advanced ITIL certification or equivalent proven knowledge and experience
o Experience in State/Agency is a plus..

Best practices in service management including contract and vendor management in and IT outsourcing or shared service environment
Experience utilizing ITIL
Experience with IT Infrastructure Oversight
strong oral and written communication - must be able to interpret technical information and business needs
strong customer service skills across management, customers, vendors
ITIL certification
CoVA state/agency experience

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